Five of My Favourite Conditioning Moves!

Hey everyone!

Before I get into today’s post I want to let you know that Gymnastics Rocks now has a YouTube channel! I’ll be uploading videos every week so make sure you subscribe to see videos that may not be on the blog!

I’m very excited about some of the new workout routines I’ve got in my mind, but before I dive into those I wanted to share my all time favourite conditioning moves! Well, at least my favourites of this present time!

And make sure to comment your favourite conditioning exercise too!

#1: Tucked Chin-Ups

Way more challenging than traditional pull-ups and added core work as well. If you or your athletes can do chin-ups and aren’t doing these, you’ve got to give them a go! The video is a bit long, it’s an entire set of them that I did the other day.

#2: Plank Pike Raise with Stability Ball or Octagon

It’s intense for your arms and your abs and that’s why I love it so much! And I’ve been doing similar exercises much more lately since I’ve I’m working toward a press handstand.

#3: Handstand Balance Transfers

Arms and Abs again! I like doing these in my home workouts and I have my athletes do them quite often as well. This will help to strengthen shoulders and I find it improves spatial and body awareness.

#4: Lunge Jumps

I do these in my home workouts all the time! I’ll do them a lot after a set of weighted squats or dead-lifts and let me tell you, my legs feel like fire: in a good way though! And besides that it’s a good little burst of cardio!

#5: One Leg Squats

I had to do it! I know I talk about these all the time but I freaking love them! I will make a little disclaimer here, because these need to be done properly and with control and, in my opinion, not something I would suggest doing everyday. But if you’re interested in learning how to do one, check out my full post about progression ideas for One Leg Squats!

Well, I can’t believe I narrowed it to just 5 moves. It was a bit tricky because my own favourite moves to do are different than my favourite ones to have my athletes do.

Disclaimer: This information is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to instruct or encourage you to try any moves beyond your capability! Please seek professional advice before trying any new workouts!

In my own workouts, my 5 main staples/favourites are weighted squats, Romanian deadlifts, chin-ups, push-ups, and overhead press. And then I’ll do a few sets of leg raises for abs.

For my competitive athletes I like chin-ups, leg raises on stall bars, hollow and arch rockers, squat jumps, and V snaps. But today I wanted to include moves that maybe weren’t as expected or traditional!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little list and I’m looking forward to hearing some of your favourite conditioning moves!

Stay Strong, Love Gymnastics, and check out our YouTube channel!