3 Move Full Body Conditioning Circuit

Hey everyone!

So for today’s gymnastics conditioning workout I kind of Frankensteined a few moves together from different workouts I’ve done recently to make a new, quick  conditioning workout that I feel would give the most well rounded results.

The three moves I ended up picking were:

#1. The block push (I’m totally in love with this at the moment)

#2. Leg Raises (because core is super important and my life needs more core work right now)

#3. Incline Push-Up Pops (I did these the other day for the first time and really enjoyed them!)

The Block Push

Leg Raises

Push-Up Pops

There are tons of ways to put these moves together into a workout, so I’ll give you a few ideas here:

  1. For time: 15-30 seconds of work for each exercise and ample rest time before moving on from one to the next. 

  2. Traditional reps/sets: 4 rows of block pushes x’s 2, 7 leg lifts x’s 3, 12 push-up pops x’s 2, resting in between sets

  3. Circuit Style: 2 rows of block pushes, 5 leg lifts, 6 push-ups. Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat 1-2 times.

But, like I said, tons of way to condition so even if you did the same 3 moves everyday for a month, you could do a different workout each day. But that would still get super boring I’m sure!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this quick conditioning workout! Make sure to check out Gymnastics Rocks! brand new YouTube channel!

Thank you for reading and visiting!!