Gymnastics Conditioning: Unexpected Core/Ab Exercises

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Thank you for visiting my site today! For today’s post I’m sharing 4 somewhat (in my opinion) unconventional core/ab gymnastics conditioning moves! Most of these need a gym to be done at but that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by them!

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I’ve been trying to add more ab and core work into my workout routines, and core work is always really important for my gymnasts so I’ve been exploring some moves that aren’t too traditional to keep things interesting for everyone. And here is what I’ve come up with so far:

1: Hollow Body Band Leans

I’ve been playing with these for a while now and recently uploaded a video of me doing them on Instagram (@coachkaylad). They are seriously core intense and you can modify them to your ability fairly easily with bands of different strengths.

2: Hollow Plank Leans

These you could do at home, with your feet elevated or not, and you don’t necessarily need your lower body to be on something that rolls. It’s great not just for core but for shoulder strength as well! Octagons might be a bit of stretch for most home gyms, if not, check out this cool Tumbl Trak Octagon! A stability ball will work just as well!

3: Tuck Swings

These can’t be just bent knee swings. The tight tuck is crucial for the ab workout aspect of these. Also, it’s a great way to teach athletes to stay hollow in the back of their swings.

4: Rope Leg Lifts

This is a work in progress for me. My idea was to do a pike leg lift on one side and then lower my legs down, switch sides, and repeat. Which worked for like one time then my legs got caught and eventually my arms tired out. It’s definitely an exercise for your whole body but it’s something I’m feeling pretty determined to master. I frequently get my athletes to hold a bent arm pike position on the rope as conditioning which seems to work their muscles quite a bit!

Well that is it for today’s (fairly quick) post! Hope you enjoyed these 4 unconventional ab moves, I’ll have a short video of all the moves up on our YouTube channel later this week, so if you want to check that out visit the Gymnastics Rocks YouTube channel and subscribe!

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