Quick Shaping and Conditioning Circuit for Bars

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to share a quick circuit I’ve been doing with my level 3 athletes to help improve their bar shapes and strength. A lot of the moves are simple enough for recreational kids to do or are easily modifiable!

Bars can be such a challenge for a lot of kids, and many times its a lack of strength, specifically upper body.  I decided to add this circuit to the end of our bars rotation everyday a few weeks ago and the kids seem to really be enjoying it!

#1: Handstand on Floor Bar

Even though none of my athletes are doing handstands on the bar yet I have faith in their ability! And what better way to show that than awesome drills like this one. If nothing else, it’s handstand shape practice and gets the idea of handstands on the bar more of a reality for them!

#2: Hollow Body Holds with Octagon

This exercise can be easily modified by how much of your body goes on the octagon and how level the octagon is with the bar, so it is a really great exercise for recreational and competitive athletes!

#3: Pike Holds on Parallettes

I love doing these myself because I can feel my abs working and it helps me work on hollowing my upper body and with leg tightening as well.

#4: Laying Incline Leg Lifts

I love getting kids to do these when they’re working on kips and are struggling with body position at the end of their glides. You would be surprised by how many kids just let their heads hang on the ground when I’m not watching!

#5: Candle Stick Band Pulls

I love these because helps kids understand the opening part of under-swing dismounts! And for shoulder strength too! I see kids not holding the cadle shape when doing these so obviously they need more practice with holding that shape and these help with that!

#6: Cast Shape Hold on Ab Roller

This one really challenges a lot of my athletes but its great for core strength. Having to think of the hollow shape as well as focusing on stability ups the intensity of this exercise!

#7: Inverted Hollow Holds

These are quite amazing for arm strength and can be difficult to master but totally worth it! It took me a couple weeks to get the hang of these and I’m still working on them!

So that’s going to be it for today! I hope this circuit gave you some ideas or inspiration! Right now I have my athletes doing these for 30 seconds each! I would love to hear some things fellow coaches do on bars everyday ( o almost everyday) or how people incorporate bars type conditioning into their regular workouts!

Remember to check out the Gymnastics Rocks! YouTube channel soon, I’ll have a quick video of these exercises up later this week, plus more conditioning exercises and skill drills!

Until next time, Stay Fit and Love Gymnastics!

Much Love,