Gymnastics Workouts for Home

Hey everyone!

I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! But I guess it’s only been 5 day. December can get hectic with Christmas Show routines and report cards, and making sure my competitive girls are on track for their competitions coming up in the new year.

So for today I want to share a couple workouts that you can (most likely) do at home! One will be for shoulders and one for legs!

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The one for legs has a strong emphasis on glutes, so it could technically be a glute-specific routine. But I do want to say that a lot of leg work-outs can be geared toward the glutes if you use those muscles properly, squeeze, go slowly, and work the mind-muscle connection!

One of the best things that’s come out of me working out at home and using lighter weights, or no weight at all, is learning to use the muscles I want to work when doing a certain exercise and taking my time with each rep, instead of rushing through to get to the next set sooner.

If you want to do this Straight Arm Raise at home you have a few choices of what you can use. Dumbbells can work, a barbell, or even a broom stick. But if you have an idea of what weight you want the bar to be, I would suggest checking out these weighted workout bars I found that would be absolutely fantastic for gymnastics conditioning and I would love to have several of these at our gym!

I hope you enjoy these workouts! A lot of these movement combinations are ones I had never tried before! I would love to hear your favourite workouts for shoulders and legs! Let me know in the comments!!

Make sure to check out some of these folding mats if you want more of a gymnastics feel while you’re training at home! And as an added bonus, its more padding! Which is great if you’re doing moves like hollow body rockers or V-snaps!

Stay Strong and Love Gymnastics!

Lots of Love,