Learning a Press to Handstand: Drills and Exercises

Hey Everyone!

Its been about a month since my last post and after a some-what lazy holiday I’m ready to start posting again! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season and are as excited as I am about this new year!
About two months ago I did a post about Press to Handstands, and how I am wanting to learn one by May 1st of this year which gives me 4 months to do one. If I had of realized that I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time watching TV this holiday because I just had a mini panic attack when I realized what month it now was.

Since deciding on this goal, I’ve noticed some definite improvements and my handstand strength is better than ever. I am really focusing on how I’ve become better so far, even though there is still a long road ahead, set backs I’ve experienced and lots of progress still to make. Being a coach for so long has taught me that almost anyone can achieve almost any skill if they want it enough and commit to a strategic and progressive plan to get there.
I haven’t been as strict with sticking to my Press Handstand workouts in the first month but I’m feeling like in order to get to the next level of progress I’m going to have to!
If you missed my first post on Press Handstands, check it out here to see the 2 workouts I had planned for myself to do once each per week.

4 Things I’ve Been Doing This Month that have made a Big Difference:

#1. Leg Tightening Drills

Straddle flutters, or small leg raises in a straddle sit, with one and both legs have really helped my clear straddle support and I don’t get muscle cramps as often!

#2. Handstand Holds

Against a wall and on my own. My body awareness has improved and I can hold my handstand for soooo much longer than before.

#3. Straddle Stand Lean and Lower to Clear Support

This has been a good conditioning move that I’ve been doing and started noticing a big improvement after a very short time.

#4. General Core Conditioning

Training core/abs is something I’ve been making a huge effort to add into my workouts and (not surprisingly) it’s made a pretty big impact in my quest for press handstand.

So today I’m going to share 5 things I’m going to be doing at least 5 times a week:

#1. 60 seconds of handstand holds against the wall (30 seconds belly in, 30 seconds belly out)

#2. Plank Drags to Straddle Stand, at least 25

#3. Clear Straddle Support Holds, at least 5

#4. V-Snaps or Hollow Body Rockers, for 1 minute

#5. Handstand Hold and Straddle Down, 5-10 times (at least)

I actually wrote out this list and stuck it to my fridge so I will remember to do it! I’m hoping in my next post I can proudly announce that I stuck to my plan and did this list 5 times a week, so check back soon!

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to hearing from anyone else in the process of learning their press to handstand! What has been helping you the most? What are your biggest issues right now? Let me know!

Stay Fit, and Love Gymnastics!

Lots of Love,

2 comments on “Learning a Press to Handstand: Drills and Exercises

  1. I am happy to have found your website. It’s very helpful. I am 47 years old and am training on my own at the bronze xcel level. There’s a competition in March in Las Vegas. I have have of a floor routine and not sure about what I can do on the beam. I know there are requirements but do you need music? How long should it be?

  2. Hey Katherine!
    Thanks for reading and thank you for your comment! I think it’s really awesome to hear about your training and that your going to be doing a competition! For beam you won’t need music unless the competition has different rules than traditional meets. I would suggest a routine on beam to be around 45 seconds on average. As long as it’s not shorter than what is required and has all the elements you need!
    Hope this was helpful, let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!
    Good luck with Everything!!

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