Full Body Gymnastics Inspired Home Work Out

So we’re a week into the New Year and for some reason I like to start the whole resolution thing the week after New Years. There’s just too much pressure! And with it still being the holidays I usually just want to chill, be a little lazy, and watch tons of movies; because I usually don’t do those things through out the year and it’s kinda nice for a change.

But now, a week into 2018, I am ready to get into better shape, make some new goals, increase my strength and become more flexible. So today I’m sharing a workout that can be done at home or the gym and isn’t necessarily only for gymnasts.  However, it is a perfect, quick routine for gymnasts to do at home if they’re feeling a little out of shape after a break from the gym. And since you can pick how many times you want to do the circuit, if you’ve been slacking on your workouts, you can ease yourself back up to your usually level of fitness.

This list is similar to the conditioning I have my competitive athletes do as part of our warm-up. If you do these at home, you’ll need at least a yoga mat. And for the rockers and v-snaps, if I do them at home, a small towel folded up makes a huge difference for my tailbone!

I’m going to wrap this post up now, keeping it short today, but check back soon because later this week I’m going to be sharing the full body workout I did today!

Until then, Stay Fit and Love Gymnastics!