Essential Conditioning List and Timed Gymnastics Conditioning Circuit

Hey There!

I’m doing another quick post today about a gymnastics conditioning workout that you can do at home . Its actually the one I did last Sunday so I can say from experience that it was tiring. It was very different from my usual workouts but it was a lot of fun. I’m also going to share the new “Everyday Conditioning” list for my competitive girls that we started doing just last week.

I did this conditioning circuit 3 times through and was thoroughly tired out. I like the idea of timing your reps instead of counting them, it seems less like conditioning almost. Okay not really but it is different! Which is why my new “Everyday Conditioning” list is totally timed.

I call this Everyday Conditioning because my athletes do it after warm-up on both of their training days, it’s not something I do everyday. Okay, here is why I love this:

#1. We all do it together. I can see all my girls and my little cheaters can’t be cheating!

#2. It’s fast. We can get it done twice through in about 15 minutes including rests and for chin-ups and leg raises we do about half the kids at a time so that makes it a bit longer.

#3. The kids aren’t dreading doing a certain amount of anything.

And although there are a few exercises that I had in my previous Everyday Conditioning list that I wanted to keep (but ended up not) I still like this one for it’s efficiency. I just need to make sure to add those other exercises in somewhere else!

Well, I hope these lists give you some ideas for your own conditioning lists! Thanks for reading!!