Fun Conditioning Ideas and My Favourite Gymnastics Work-Outs

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Today I’m going to share a bunch of my favourite workouts inspired by gymnastics and gymnastics conditioning. I’ve been working on a couple skill tutorial posts that are taking me a tad longer than I anticipated. But in the next week or so, I should have a post about Glide Kips, how I teach them, and my favourite progressions and drills, and also one about back walkovers!

I also have a few tips you can use to make conditioning or holding splits more fun!

Number 1: Parachute Conditioning! I think I may have talked about this before, or maybe just thought about it. Anyway, I did this with my competitive group before Christmas and they all loved it. There were a few different ways we did this:

#1: Throw the parachute up, yell out a colour and a conditioning challenge. Example: Green, 5 push-ups! Everyone holding onto green tries to do 5 push-ups before the parachute finishes falling.

#2: For cardio. Yell out a colour as you throw the parachute up (or if you have a small group/small parachute, a name) and everyone holding that colour has to race around the entire parachute before it falls back down.

#3: Lay the parachute on the ground. All gymnasts walk around the parachute. Or run, hop on 1 foot, skip, etc. and then the coach randomly yells something like, “7 v-snaps on yellow!” and the kids have to complete the task on the proper colour and get back off the parachute. The last one to get off the parachute can either be eliminated or has to repeat the conditioning exercise.


And some really fun ideas for conditioning where you’re doing a hold (like a plank or hollow body) or for splits. Like for real, I was doing these with my tumbling group the other week and almost crying laughing. Maybe not the best if you’re looking for superb form so this probably shouldn’t be an everyday thing.

#1: Make a circle and get into whatever hold you want to do. We did hollow body holds and elbow planks. Start with one person saying, “A”, and then one by one around the circle we say the alphabet. If anyone messes up, misses a letter, repeats a letter, forgets its their turn, or says a letter too early, we start over! I will admit I was the one to mess things up several times.

#2: We did this for planks and splits and I think it’s way better for splits because the kids WILL get into this game. While in splits, we tell a story. One word at a time, going around the circle, one by one. This is where I was just losing it. The story got really funny at one point, and then just turned into a jumbled mess of words and talk about slapping babies for some reason. Either way, I loved this game, and will FOR SURE be doing it again!

I know you will have fun if you decide to try any of these ideas! Now, here are a few of my favourite conditioning lists that I’ve shared before, in case you missed them or forgot about them or just need a few ideas to get you started!



Looking forward to hearing any comments or feedback on the conditioning lists or ideas! Thanks so much for reading!

Stay Fit and Love Gymnastics!