Learning a Press to Handstand: Drills and Exercises

Hey Everyone! Its been about a month since my last post and after a some-what lazy holiday I’m ready to start posting again! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season and are as excited as I am about this new year! About two months ago I did a post about Press to Handstands, and […]

Quick Shaping and Conditioning Circuit for Bars

Hey Everyone! Today I want to share a quick circuit I’ve been doing with my level 3 athletes to help improve their bar shapes and strength. A lot of the moves are simple enough for recreational kids to do or are easily modifiable! Bars can be such a challenge for a lot of kids, and […]

A Few of My Favourite Kip Drills

Hey people! I’ve been wanting to do a post about kips for a while now, specifically glide kips, but its seemed a bit daunting up til now because of the huge quantity of drills and conditioning exercises to do or think about. I decided to stick to a few that I enjoy doing with my […]

Gymnastics Coaching Ideas: Vault Conditioning and Side Stations

Hey Everyone! This post is dedicated to conditioning moves, drills, and progressions that are geared toward Vault. I generally like to do conditioning moves as side stations at Vault in addition to Vault specific drills and progressions, unless I have a really small group of kids, in which case I will do several small circuits. […]