Gymnastics Quick Tips

Hey Guys! Today’s post is about taking every opportunity to lead a Gymnastics Fit lifestyle. I have a quick routine to do while you brush your teeth and also a few things you can do through out the day to make your body stronger, tighter and help take all your skills to the next level. […]

Gymnastics Life Hacks #1

Hey gymnasts! Today’s post is all about you! It’s the first installment of Gymnastics Life Hacks! I know that being a gymnast can be challenging, with the giant rips on your hands, leotard wedgies, long practices, and mental blocks, so I want these hacks to make things easier for you! And remember, being a gymnast […]

10 Rules To Be an Even Better Gymnast

If you’re reading this, that means that you’re ready to rise to the next level of your athletic evolution. Whether you’re a gymnast, a dancer, cheerleader, or a hockey player, you will be able to benefit from these 10 rules that were compiled with the intention of motivating young athletes. I want athletes to know […]

A Gymnast’s Prayer

Hey Everyone! I am re-posting this “Gymnast’s Prayer” today because (even though I’m a little biased) I think it’s super cute! And I know, it’s not going to act as some magic spell for making someone a better gymnast but I do think some gymnasts will find comfort and inspiration in this.   Today I […]

Attention Gymnasts: Today is Your Day!

Hey Gymnasts! I hope everyone is training hard and having a fantastic competitive season! My competitive athletes¬†are gearing up for a meet this weekend and I’m so excited for them! So, in light of this, I wanted to give out a little inspiration today. First of all, you are all amazing! Every gymnast I’ve met […]

For The Gymnast Who Needs Some Motivation

Sometimes it seems like no matter what I do, a few of my gymnasts don’t seem to be progressing much. And then they get discouraged, and the progress slows even more. In situations like this, I try to find new and better ways to coach them. And then I’ll ask them…do you really want this? […]

Dear Every Gymnast, You Got This!

Dear Gymnast, If you’re reading this, I can tell already that you are a dedicated gymnast with a commitment¬†to becoming the best you can be. This letter is for you… I know you want to get better and I know you have visions for your gymnastic future that excite and motivate you. I also know […]

Two Things to Do at Home to Become a Better Gymnast

I hope all you gymnasts out there are doing splits at home already, so that’s not one of the two things! **Disclaimer: I am a qualified gymnastics coach but since I am not YOUR coach, I have no idea about your abilities or current skill level. Therefore, this information should be taken as is, for […]