Learn a Back Tuck Fast! The Best Drills and Exercises to Learn a Back Tuck Quickly, Safely, and Properly

  Back Tucks are a staple skill of gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading and backyard trampolines everywhere. It seems every kid and many adults want to learn a back tuck! And not just any back tuck, a standing back tuck. So this post is totally dedicated to learning a standing back tuck! I’ve included pre-requisite lists, safety […]

How to do a Back Tuck: Important Tips and Common Mistakes

Here are a few important things to remember about the back tuck! For more information click here to check out my longer, more in depth post for conditioning exercises, progressions, and more!   **Disclaimer: I am a qualified gymnastics coach but since I am not YOUR coach, I have no idea about your abilities or […]

Gymnastics Conditioning at Home: Upper Body Work-Out

It’s finally summer! And that means a lot of kids will be taking time off gymnastics training and having a well earned vacation. But that doesn’t mean you need to get lazy and lose those skills and muscles you worked so hard for all year! Here is a super quick workout you can do at […]

How to Learn a Back Tuck: Things to Learn First

Back tucks are a physically demanding skill that take strength, power, and practice. So if learning a standing back tuck is your goal you need to make sure that you prepare yourself as much as possible. Here are 5 things you need before beginning your journey to learning a back tuck. Leg strength. Your legs […]

Awesome Back Handspring Drill for Learning Perfect Shapes

I wanted to share this video because learning back handsprings can be a bit tricky for some kids and starting with drills as young as possible is sure to make the learning process much more efficient. Same goes for front handsprings! Getting the right shape is crucial for success! The best part about these drills […]

Fun and Easy Gymnastics Class Warm-Up Ideas for Young Kids

It can be difficult enough getting young children into the gym at all, let alone rallied together and focused for long enough to explain how to play a game. So for warm-ups we usually choose the option to have the kids run around the floor for a few laps. Sure, its uninspired but kids love […]

10 Rules To Be an Even Better Gymnast

If you’re reading this, that means that you’re ready to rise to the next level of your athletic evolution. Whether you’re a gymnast, a dancer, cheerleader, or a hockey player, you will be able to benefit from these 10 rules that were compiled with the intention of motivating young athletes. I want athletes to know […]

Questions To Ask Your Gymnasts That Will Make You a Better Coach

An important part of the coach/athlete relationship is trust and communication; especially in gymnastics. These kids are trusting us to tell them accurate information about performing potentially dangerous skills and they count on us to catch them (literally) if they fall. I try (not always successfully though) to set aside some time at the end […]

Backyard Trampoline Safety Rules

      Summer is nearly here! That means that backyard trampolines have been set up and my athletes are regaling me with tales of all the new skills they’ve taught themselves on their trampolines this year…as I try not to cringe. Although I don’t condone some of the things kids teach themselves at home, […]

Learn a Side Aerial: Aerial Drills, Progressions, Conditioning

Hey! Today’s post is all about aerials! So I know aerials are beautiful skills, when done properly. But I also know aerials are a skill that many kids struggle with achieving. And like everything in gymnastics, aerials require strength, preparation, and understanding of the skill. **Disclaimer: I am a qualified gymnastics coach but since I […]