Gymnastics Tip of the Day #1

Hello readers! It feels really awesome to finally be posting again! This post is slightly different from many of my previous ones as it is all about coaching. Today I want to go through some things I do (or try to do) to avoid having kids waiting in line. I’m mostly talking about recreational and […]

11 Great Theme Week Ideas for Fall and Winter to Keep Gymnastics Class Fun and Exciting

Thinking ahead to September when I will be planning out some theme weeks for our little ones! Here are my first ten or so ideas to get me through our Fall and Winter sessions: Pumpkin, Pumpkin. Just pumpkins galore. Jumping over them. Pretending to “splat” pumpkins. Pumpkin Patch “Musical Pumpkins”. Fall Festival. Leaves, apple picking […]

10 Tips for a Better Preschool Gymnastics Class

Coaching very young children can have its challenges. However, if you are willing to work with the flow of the class and adjust to the dynamics of the group, it is totally possible to have a fun, educational, and enjoyable preschool class every time! My biggest goal for any Kinder Class is constant engagement. Circuits […]

Improve Your Preschool Gymnastics Class Today With These Ideas!

I’ve been making a really big effort lately to improve the recreational program at my gymnastics club. My area of focus the past few weeks has been our Kinder Gym Program, which is basically kids up to age 5. I’ve found some really innovative and cool ideas online as well some that I thought up […]