4 Drills I Love to Help Teach Back Handsprings

  Hello Everyone! Today I’m sharing some things I do when gymnasts start learning back handsprings. To be honest, teaching back handsprings is something that used to scare and confuse me when I first started coaching. But now that I’m a little older, I really love the whole handspring process. With all the drills, conditioning […]

How to Learn a Back Tuck Part 2: More Drills And Tips

  Hey everyone! Today’s post is even more information on back tucks!! Since doing my last post all about back tucks, and back tuck drills, progressions, conditioning moves and all that, I came across a few new drills and realized that I left out some important information. So, I’ve tried out the new drills and […]

Gymnastics Tumbling: My Favourite Round-Off Drills Part 1

  Hey everyone! I’m talking round-offs today and I’m going to be sharing some of the drills I use most often and see the best results from. Since a round-off is the starting skill to so many tumbling lines, it’s clear that gymnasts (or cheerleaders, or tumblers) must have strong, powerful round-offs to reach their […]

How to Learn a Front Tuck: Drills and Videos

  Hey There! This post is all about front tucks!! Front tucks are such an awesome skill to teach. Unlike back tucks, the risk of kids landing on their head is wildly reduced so I don’t feel as nervous when kids tell me they’ve been trying them at home on their trampolines. Once again, this […]

High Back Handspring Solutions: My Favourite Drills to Fix a High Back Handspring

  Oh, high back handsprings. Seems like such an easy fix, yet so many struggle with it for so long! ┬áSo I have decided to collect some drills and tips on fixing high back handsprings to make my life, and maybe yours too, a little easier next time you need a back handspring to have […]

How to do a Back Tuck: Important Tips and Common Mistakes

Here are a few important things to remember about the back tuck! For more information click here to check out my longer, more in depth post for conditioning exercises, progressions, and more!   **Disclaimer: I am a qualified gymnastics coach but since I am not YOUR coach, I have no idea about your abilities or […]

How to Learn a Back Tuck: Things to Learn First

Back tucks are a physically demanding skill that take strength, power, and practice. So if learning a standing back tuck is your goal you need to make sure that you prepare yourself as much as possible. Here are 5 things you need before beginning your journey to learning a back tuck. Leg strength. Your legs […]

Awesome Back Handspring Drill for Learning Perfect Shapes

I wanted to share this video because learning back handsprings can be a bit tricky for some kids and starting with drills as young as possible is sure to make the learning process much more efficient. Same goes for front handsprings! Getting the right shape is crucial for success! The best part about these drills […]

Teaching a Round-Off Back Tuck in Gymnastics: Yes or No?

Okay so my answer is actually yes and no. I’m pretty okay with it for my older, advanced recreational classes. They have a pretty good grasp on their tumbling skills and most don’t ever compete, they just come to have fun. Competitive kids, no. Especially if they are under the age of 12, are still […]