Gymnastics Exercise Lists: For Conditioning or Keeping Busy in Line

Hey readers! The other day I wrote a post about how to keep gymnasts busy and engaged instead of waiting in a line up. After I wrote that (almost immediately) I began writing lists of specific things athletes could do either together or alone to stay active when they were waiting for their turn. I […]

Gymnastics Quick Tips

Hey Guys! Today’s post is about taking every opportunity to lead a Gymnastics Fit lifestyle. I have a quick routine to do while you brush your teeth and also a few things you can do through out the day to make your body stronger, tighter and help take all your skills to the next level. […]

Gymnastics Life Hacks #1

Hey gymnasts! Today’s post is all about you! It’s the first installment of Gymnastics Life Hacks! I know that being a gymnast can be challenging, with the giant rips on your hands, leotard wedgies, long practices, and mental blocks, so I want these hacks to make things easier for you! And remember, being a gymnast […]

Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Mug Cake: Perfect Post Workout Snack

Hey people! This is a recipe that I recently remembered that I haven’t made in FOREVER! But last year I would make one almost every single day. And I spent a lot of time attempting to perfect the recipe. Mug cakes can be tricky and fickle and one little change can make the difference between […]

8 Tips for Gymnastics Coaches: Make Every Class a Good Class

We all have days or classes where we find that the plan we’ve planned for our athletes just isn’t working. Whether it’s competitive or recreational, we can’t always control what kids are going to do or what moods they will be in and we certainly can’t always know ahead of time the best way to […]

Tips for Baby and Toddler Gymnastics Class

Parent and Tot classes are such a great way to introduce your little athlete to a structured environment with minimal pressure or expectations. These classes are geared towards getting kids to explore new movements, listen to instruction from someone other than Mom and Dad, and most importantly, to have FUN! Parent and Tot classes at […]