3 Move Full Body Conditioning Circuit

Hey everyone! So for today’s gymnastics conditioning workout I kind of Frankensteined a few moves together from different workouts I’ve done recently to make a new, quick  conditioning workout that I feel would give the most well rounded results. The three moves I ended up picking were: #1. The block push (I’m totally in love […]

Five of My Favourite Conditioning Moves!

Hey everyone! Before I get into today’s post I want to let you know that Gymnastics Rocks now has a YouTube channel! I’ll be uploading videos every week so make sure you subscribe to see videos that may not be on the blog! I’m very excited about some of the new workout routines I’ve got […]

20 Minute Lower Body Conditioning Circuit

  Hey!! I’m really excited about this post and to share this workout with you! It’s the exact circuit I did last Saturday at work and I did it totally on a whim and ended up just loving how I felt afterwards and I was super happy with the moves I ended up choosing. I […]

Gymnastics Conditioning: Strength Training Ideas

Hey Lovely Readers!! Today I’m sharing a short little video that I just posted on Instagram of some conditioning ideas I do with my athletes and with my own workouts! It’s mostly Arms and Abs with some one leg squats added at the end because I love training legs! *Disclaimer: This information here is for […]

Four Gymnastics Conditioning Moves with One Easy Set-Up

Hey There!! Today I’m sharing four gymnastics conditioning moves using one set-up. I also have 2 new gymnastics workouts for doing at home or in the gym that are great for anyone who does gymnastics at home and would like some guidance or new ideas! So the set-up for these moves is super simple and […]

Gymnastics at Home: Press Handstand Conditioning Workouts

This post contains affiliate links! This just means if you choose to click on one of the links and end up making a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you! Click for my full disclosure! Hey! Today I’m sharing 2 Press to Handstand progression workouts that I’ve been doing lately. […]

Gymnastics at Home 1000 Rep Workout: Are You Up for It?

Hey Everybody! Today’s post is about an insane idea I had that I should do a 1000 rep workout one day. I wanted to share my experience with you, share the workout, and also share why it may be a while before I try it again. I would classify this as general strength/endurance. 50 reps […]

Trusting the Process in Gymnastics Training and Coaching

Hello! Today’s post is a little different than my usual conditioning exercises but I really felt the need for it. I felt like I was struggling a lot last week, trying to get the right videos, think up new drills, and post as often as usual. I ended up getting frustrated and doing nothing productive. […]

A Few of My Favourite Kip Drills

Hey people! I’ve been wanting to do a post about kips for a while now, specifically glide kips, but its seemed a bit daunting up til now because of the huge quantity of drills and conditioning exercises to do or think about. I decided to stick to a few that I enjoy doing with my […]

Gymnastics Workout: Single Leg Conditioning Circuit

Hey Everyone! I’m sharing more leg conditioning today! A while back I shared a short, three-move single leg circuit that I had done after another leg circuit, sort of as a finisher type thing. This conditioning circuit is a little more intense and is a stand alone circuit meant to work those lovely legs hard […]