For The Gymnast Who Needs Some Motivation

Sometimes it seems like no matter what I do, a few of my gymnasts don’t seem to be progressing much. And then they get discouraged, and the progress slows even more. In situations like this, I try to find new and better ways to coach them. And then I’ll ask them…do you really want this? […]

Dear Every Gymnast, You Got This!

Dear Gymnast, If you’re reading this, I can tell already that you are a dedicated gymnast with a commitment to becoming the best you can be. This letter is for you… I know you want to get better and I know you have visions for your gymnastic future that excite and motivate you. I also know […]

High-Protein Healthy Snacks for Gymnasts and Other Athletes

Recovery is just as important as training! Get the most out of your snacks by choosing healthy, clean, high protein foods to power through your next training session! DIY Trail Mix A lot of trail mix is glorified candy. Make your own to avoid extra sugar and empty calories and to be sure that your […]

Tips for Baby and Toddler Gymnastics Class

Parent and Tot classes are such a great way to introduce your little athlete to a structured environment with minimal pressure or expectations. These classes are geared towards getting kids to explore new movements, listen to instruction from someone other than Mom and Dad, and most importantly, to have FUN! Parent and Tot classes at […]

Two Things to Do at Home to Become a Better Gymnast

I hope all you gymnasts out there are doing splits at home already, so that’s not one of the two things! **Disclaimer: I am a qualified gymnastics coach but since I am not YOUR coach, I have no idea about your abilities or current skill level. Therefore, this information should be taken as is, for […]

Why Your Child Needs to Be In Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of three foundation sports, along with athletics and swimming, that pave the way for success in all other sports. And with so many branches of gymnastics available (Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Tumbling) there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t involve your kids in this amazing sport. In fact, I’ve compiled 9 very persuasive […]