Quick Shaping and Conditioning Circuit for Bars

Hey Everyone! Today I want to share a quick circuit I’ve been doing with my level 3 athletes to help improve their bar shapes and strength. A lot of the moves are simple enough for recreational kids to do or are easily modifiable! Bars can be such a challenge for a lot of kids, and […]

Bars Conditioning Challenges! Part 2

  More Bars Conditioning! This is Part 2 of Bars Conditioning Challenges so if you missed Part 1, check it out here! **This post contains affiliate¬†links! This means if you choose to click on one of the links and end up making a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you!** […]

Bars Conditioning Challenges! Part 1

Hey there Wonderful Readers! I am excited for today’s post, not just because it’s all about gymnastics conditioning (a lot of them are) but because it’s all about gymnastics conditioning on bars! I chose 5 conditioning moves that require more than just upper body strength. You will need to control your whole body to master […]