Quick Shaping and Conditioning Circuit for Bars

Hey Everyone! Today I want to share a quick circuit I’ve been doing with my level 3 athletes to help improve their bar shapes and strength. A lot of the moves are simple enough for recreational kids to do or are easily modifiable! Bars can be such a challenge for a lot of kids, and […]

3 Move Full Body Conditioning Circuit

Hey everyone! So for today’s gymnastics conditioning workout I kind of Frankensteined a few moves together from different workouts I’ve done recently to make a new, quick  conditioning workout that I feel would give the most well rounded results. The three moves I ended up picking were: #1. The block push (I’m totally in love […]

20 Minute Lower Body Conditioning Circuit

  Hey!! I’m really excited about this post and to share this workout with you! It’s the exact circuit I did last Saturday at work and I did it totally on a whim and ended up just loving how I felt afterwards and I was super happy with the moves I ended up choosing. I […]

Improve Your Preschool Gymnastics Class Today With These Ideas!

I’ve been making a really big effort lately to improve the recreational program at my gymnastics club. My area of focus the past few weeks has been our Kinder Gym Program, which is basically kids up to age 5. I’ve found some really innovative and cool ideas online as well some that I thought up […]